Doug Carter

Doug Carter, CEO

Doug has 25 years of staffing experience and and has been in healthcare staffing  since 2001.  Doug is responsible for the overall strategic development and direction for Ironside Human Resources.  Doug graduated from Rhode Island College with a Degree in Business Management and Computer Information Systems.

Kara Carter, COO

A graduate of Schreiner University, Kara began her career in human resources in the hotel industry. Kara spent ten years at one of the largest architectural firms in the country serving over 1,200 employees. Kara is responsible for all human resources related activities and still actively recruits for a handful of clients.

Stacy Winters

Stacy Winters, Senior Healthcare Recruiter

A graduate of Texas Tech University, Stacy spent her early years in the service industry, followed by an extensive career in education, focusing mainly on the deaf and hard of hearing population. She is highly focused on pleasing both her clients and candidates and strives to achieve success on all levels. Outside the office, Stacy love Texas Tech Football and spending time with her daughter.

Albert Cox

Albert Cox, Executive Vice President of Recruitment

A graduate of Texas Christian University, Albert also achieved his MBA at TCU. Albert spent a decade in the Fitness Industry. Albert is responsible for the recruitment team at Ironside Human Resources and still actively recruits for several clients.

Martin Johnson

Edgar Santibanez, Account Executive

Edgar is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a major in Political Science. Prior to working at Ironside, Edgar has held positions in management and in the legal field for different law firms. Outside of work, Edgar enjoys sports, the outdoors, and spending time with his family.

Hannah Swei, Director of Corporate Services & Brand Management

Hannah is a graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Healthcare Studies. Prior to joining Ironside Human Resources, Hannah worked in customer relations, administrative positions, and in the pharmaceutical field. Hannah is responsible for all marketing and communications activities for Ironside Human Resources.

Kenan Deari

Kenny Deari, Healthcare Recruiter

A graduate of Southern Methodist University specializing in full-stack web development. Before his employment at Ironside HR, Kenan was a service manager at Crest Cadillac; Kenan is an extremely motivated & resilient person who strives to strengthen not only himself but everyone he interacts with. During his free time, Kenan enjoys watching the Dallas Mavericks & Cowboys play, traveling, running, coding, and spending time with his family or friends.

Laurynn Winters

Laurynn Winters, Healthcare Recruiter

A University of North Texas graduate, Laurynn achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. She has extensive customer service experience and a strong background in Sales. Outside of the office, she loves hanging out with friends and family as well as traveling.


Kris Moore, Healthcare Recruiter

Kristopher graduated from UNT with a Bachelors Degree in Business, and worked as a consultant in Berlin for one year after graduating. He moved back to Dallas, TX to work for Life Time as a Member Services Manager / Basketball Coordinator. Superb communication skills, great at multitasking and speaks three languages fluently. Multicultural flare with a business minded approach looking to execute at a high and efficient rate.


Mia Mitchell, Healthcare Recruiter

Kamillea (Mia) Mitchell joined Ironside Human Resources at the start of September 2021 as one of our high-volume recruiters. Mia presents a strong employment history in administrative positions and brings with her, over 10 years of experience in Sales, Project Management, Strategic Communications, and previous administrative experience with other healthcare staffing companies. She has also worked directly in healthcare / medical settings as a part of their clerical / front office team and has experience in patient care as well.

Brooke Ford

Brooke Ford, Administrative Assistant

Brooke Ford joined Ironside Human Resources in December 2020 as our new Administrative Assistant. Here, at Ironside HR, Brooke works closely with many members of our Management Board, assisting in a large diversity of projects, Payroll / Invoices, and other clerical tasks as assigned. In addition to working full-time with our firm, Brooke is also currently attending Collin College to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Prior to joining us here at Ironside, Brooke acquired a strong background in customer service, spending several years in the retail industry.

Brooke Ford

Rhett Smith, Account Executive

Rhett has a diverse professional background working in several industries. Rhett possesses over 15 years of experience in Customer Relations, Business Development, and management. In previous employments, Rhett has held supervisory roles and delegations, overseeing other personnel. His extensive experience in Customer Relations helps him assess and analyze prospective clients’ individual profiles and the challenges an organization may be facing in recruitment efforts.

Brooke Ford

Daniel Poole, Healthcare Recruiter

Daniel Poole joined Ironside Human Resources in April 2021 as a new addition to our Recruitment Team. Prior to joining us here at Ironside, Daniel was a very successful professional in the oil industry, acquiring over 10 years of experience in Client Relations, Contract Negotiations / Facilitation, and Project Development. His advance knowledge and professional experience are transferable to having a strong skillset within the healthcare staffing firm and shows great promise in not only building and maintaining client relations, but acting as a strong facilitator in any negotiations and communication that would take place between our clients and our candidates.

Brooke Ford

Kimberly Marshall, Healthcare Recruiter

Kimberly Marshall joined Ironside Human Resources in April 2021 as a member of our Recruitment Team. Prior to joining us here at Ironside, Kimberly acquired a strong background as an experienced Administrative Manager. She has years of experience training / employee orientation, client relations, communications, and policy development / execution. Kimberly decided to make a career change into the healthcare staffing world for further professional development and growth as a healthcare recruiter.

Brooke Ford

Manny Rodriguez, Director of Sales

A graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor’s in Finance, Manny Rodriguez, Director of Sales, oversees the daily operations of our Sales team. Since joining the Ironside firm, Manny has become an Equity Partner and has been instrumental in acquiring several clients for our company. Manny has a strong background in both Sales and Talent Acquisition allowing him a deeper understanding of the challenges many healthcare facilities may be facing with staffing and how we can be the solution.

Brooke Ford

Abdul Bannat, Healthcare Recruiter

Abdul Bannat obtained his Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas and has a strong background in Sales, Client Relations, and Business Development. He also presents a previous background working as a Recruitment Marketer while he was also a full-time student at UTD.

Osman Amin

Osman Amin, Healthcare Recruiter

Osman Amin joined Ironside Human Resources in July 2021 as a new addition to our recruitment team. Osman holds his Associate’s Degree in Finance & Economics and presents a seasoned background in Customer Service, Employee Relations, and Sales. Moreover, Osman has also previously held managerial roles and responsibilities, providing him a unique perspective into employer and employee relationships and facilitations.

Osman Amin

Victor Senn, Healthcare Recruiter

Victor Senn joined Ironside HR in September 2021 as a member of our Recruitment Team. Prior to his position with Ironside, Victor worked in various industries and acquired experience in Sales, Operational Equipment Maintenance, Customer Service, and Client / Member relations. Victor also has previous supervisory experience with many of his former employers, refining his skillset in multi-tasking in fast paced environments, service and product quality, and team delegations.

Osman Amin
Brandon Smith is a Texas A&M alum, graduating in 2011 with his Bachelor’s in Sports Management. Prior to joining Ironside HR, Brandon led a very successful career in a management capacity with LifeTime Athletics including helping with the operations of several clubs within his region. Brandon presents a strong background in Management, Finance, Hiring, Training/On-boarding new employees, as well as great experience in always enriching Client Experiences.

Osman Amin


Jayron Harness graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Alcorn State University, where he also played for the school’s football team throughout his college career. Prior to joining Ironside HR, Jayron worked professionally in several different industries including Insurance, Retail, and Sales. Jayron brings with him, a strong and versatile background in Sales, Customer Service/Client Relations, and Marketing.

Osman Amin


Bryan joined Ironside HR in January 2022 as a member of our Recruitment Team. Bryan is a graduate from Eastfield Community College with his Associate’s Degree in Biochemistry. Prior to joining our Company, Bryan built a very diverse background in several different industries and possesses great experience in Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

Osman Amin


Avi Ahmed came on board with the Ironside HR firm in late January 2022 as a new addition to our Recruitment Team. Avi is an upcoming graduate (2023) of Southern Methodist University with his studies focused predominantly on Business Management and Finance. Prior to joining Ironside, Avi established a variety of unique experiences while also attending school, including Entrepreneurship (helping manage his family’s businesses), Sales, Real Estate/Leasing, and Marketing.

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