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Ironside HR placed 21 Healthcare professionals in January


Ironside Human Resources placed 21 Healthcare professionals in January.  The professionals Ironside HR placed ranged from licensed practical nurses to licensed clinical social works to physicians.  The reason this is newsworthy is due to the impact this has on the communities that Ironside Human Resources serves. Ironside HR generally work in rural areas with populations ranging from a thousand people to a few hundred thousand people.  The communities Ironside HR is working with truly depend on and need the professionals and providers that help create access to healthcare.  These professionals will keep services in the community and people will not have to travel several hours to get treatment that they may need.  Imagine you are sick and feeling terrible and you have to drive 1-3 hours to get a diagnosis of what is ailing you.  Ironside Human Resources is committed to helping clinics, hospitals and care centers find the professionals they need so that the rural communities can continue to thrive and that there is access to healthcare.

Ironside Human Resources is a national recruitment firm and provides recruitment services for physicians, nurses, technologists and healthcare management professionals to hospitals, clinics and other care facilities providing healthcare services.