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What to expect when working with us.

Your Talent Search Made Simple

At Ironside HR, we believe your search for top healthcare staff should be simple, straightforward, and effective. Our process is designed to make things easy — so you can get back to running your facility and improving the lives of the patients under your care.
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Here’s how it works:

Client Assessment
Our staffing experts will work closely with you to understand your workforce needs, facility environment, and company culture. This way, we fully grasp the unique opportunity that your facility offers to potential candidates, ensuring we can provide well-fitted healthcare nurses, physicians, and support staff for your precise needs.
Once we fully understand your needs, we’ll begin sourcing. We leverage state-of-the-art technology and innovative recruitment methods – as well as our own database of more than 200,000 healthcare candidates – to find the right people for your opening.
Our staffing consultants will screen potential candidates for your opportunity. We prepare our candidates for phone and video interviews, as well as in-person interviews.
Candidate Presentation
Once we’ve found the best candidates for your open role, we will present them to you for review. Ironside HR will be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like during this stage of the process – we’re here to do what’s best for you.
Candidate Selection
After interviews are conducted, and a finalist has been selected, we’ll assist in the offer and negotiation process as needed. We remain involved until we know our client – and our candidate – are both fully satisfied with the outcome.
We’ll stay in touch after we’ve placed the candidate with your company to ensure your happiness with the placement, and to be available should you need anything else from our team.

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How do I enlist Ironside HR's staffing services?

Please send us an email at jobs@ironsidehr.com or give us a call at our direct line (469) 785-1002 we will assign one of our dedicated Account Executives to reach out to you.

What types of facilities does Ironside HR work with?

Ironside HR is proud to be a staffing ally for healthcare/medical facilities across the United States. From critical access hospitals to nationwide health systems, we can recruit for any position found in these various settings.

What type of staffing services does Ironside HR provide?

Ironside HR is able to provide both permanent, direct-hire and contract/travel staffing solutions to any medical/healthcare facility located in the United States.

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